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William A. Dorman is Professor of Government at California State University, Sacramento, and has taught a course in War, Peace and the Mass Media since 1970.

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War, Peace, and the Mass Media
Monday, January 12, 2004  
The Year of Living Obliviously

How long will reporting on Iraq be worth the risks?

By Christopher Dickey
Jan. 09, 2004

[Blog editor's note: A veteran war correspondent weighs in on the "should journalists carry weapons" debate]

Jan. 9 - Here's a quandary for journalists (like myself) who will be working in Iraq this new year: should they be packing heat? Should they carry pistols on their belts? Assault rifles over their shoulders? Grenades in their pockets? Or should they leave that job to professional bodyguards? Or … should they leave the hired guns behind, too, and just trust to their own judgment, their wit and their luck to keep them alive?

For the rest of Dickey's discussion of the issue, see MSNBC

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