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William A. Dorman is Professor of Government at California State University, Sacramento, and has taught a course in War, Peace and the Mass Media since 1970.

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War, Peace, and the Mass Media
Saturday, November 29, 2003  
Gag Order Leaves Troops, Reporters Speechless

Mike Littwin
Rocky Mountain News
Tuesday 25 November 2003

     Before the press was herded into the giant hangar in advance of George W. Bush's pep rally/photo op with the Fort Carson troops, we were given the rules.

     No talking to the troops before the rally.

     No talking to the troops during the rally.

     No talking to the troops after the rally.

     In other words, if I've done the math right, that means no conversation at all - at least, while on base - with any soldiers. After all, who knows where that kind of thing could lead?

For the rest of this column dealing with the President's recent visit to Ft. Carson, an army post in Colorado, see Rocky Mountain News

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