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William A. Dorman is Professor of Government at California State University, Sacramento, and has taught a course in War, Peace and the Mass Media since 1970.

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War, Peace, and the Mass Media
Tuesday, October 14, 2003  
How the war was covered: Journalists share first-hand accounts at OU symposium

By James S. Tyree

“The events of 9-11, sadly, have blunted some of our instincts,” was the judgment of CNN anchor Aaron Brown speaking at the University of Oklahoma on “The Media, the Military and the Iraq War.” Continuing on the mass media’s treatment of the Bush administration before and during the Iraq War, the 54-year-old "NewsNight" host added, “I wouldn’t say we gave them a free ride, but I don’t think we put many speed bumps in their path.” For an account of Brown's remarks and those of other speakers, see The Norman Transcript

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