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War, Peace, and the Mass Media
Tuesday, July 08, 2003  
Governors back BBC in row over Iraq dossier

Jackie Ashley, Michael White and Matt Wells
Monday July 7, 2003
The Guardian

The BBC's governors sought to gain the upper hand in the Iraq war dossier row last night with a pugilistic statement demanding that Downing Street retract its claims of bias against the corporation's journalism.

After two weeks in which the BBC has appeared to be on the back foot, the corporation's governing body turned the tables on No 10 and delivered an unexpectedly robust defence of the story at the centre of the dispute.

Hours before the foreign affairs select committee is due to publish its report on the affair, the governors maintained it was "in the public interest" to report the claim by an intelligence source that Downing Street exaggerated the threat posed by Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. To read more about how the BBC is responding to charges it is biased against the Blair government's side of the Iraq War story, see The Guardian

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